2023 Travel + Leisure Readers' Choice Top 5 Hotel in Denver
Outdoor rooftop at our Cherry Creek hotel, decorated in plants
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Artwork hanging over a white bed at Clayton Hotel in Cherry Creek, CO
Artwork hanging over a white bed at Clayton Hotel in Cherry Creek, CO

A Better Stay Starts Here

Unlock your curiosity and explore Clayton. Book one of our curated limited-time offers, and everything that Cherry Creek has to offer.

Make Yourself At 幸运澳洲10正规开奖官网网站-开奖历史直播记录

Only Members and hotel guests enjoy unlimited access to gather, dine, work, and play. At Clayton, it’s a place to call your own, elevated at every touchpoint.

List of Hotel Dining Options
  • Three people enjoying drinks at Five Nines' Denver cocktail bar

    Impeccably furnished and thoughtfully serviced, and uniquely designed for spontaneous gatherings. Converse over a culture-shifting lunch in The Members Restaurant, or happen upon an author-led book talk in The Parlor. You never know where your next connection will take you.

    Parlor & Restaurant
  • The proverbial watering hole of our community, our rooftop restaurant, bar, and pool were made for boozy brunches, personalized poolside coolers, and cabana cocktailing amidst the cityscape of Denver’s most exciting neighborhood.

    Rooftop Pool & Bar
  • From quality time to acts of service, you have all the amenities you need to practice your self-love language. Challenge yourself to an expert-led fitness class, find repose in a good book in The Library, or step out of your comfort zone at one of our networking events. Your future self will thank you.

    Experience Denver

Something to Talk About

No need to RSVP. Hotel Guests and Members are spoiled for choice on Clayton’s robust calendar of signature and one-of-a-kind events hosted by local artists, businesses, and creators.

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Locals, Members, and Hotel Guests alike are welcome to take a seat, grab a snack, or raise a glass with us.

List of Hotel Dining Options
  • Bar and dining tables with natural lighting at our Cherry Creek restaurant

    Scenic views, perfect cocktails and swoon worthy dishes hot from the pizza oven and wood burning grill.

    Rooftop Menu
  • Kini's Dips and Spreads

    Inventive takes on Greek classics in a bright and airy Mediterranean setting.

    Explore More

Inspiration Comes Standard

Our ballrooms reach sky-high, and our boardrooms exude elegance like fine wine. From corporate meetings to dream weddings, our inspiring backdrops will be at the forefront of your guests’ minds.

Group of friends toasting cocktails at our Cherry Creek bar and restaurant
Group of friends toasting cocktails at our Cherry Creek bar and restaurant

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At Clayton, we’re not just here to discuss new trends. We’re here to create them. Expand your social circle to like-minded risk-takers, tastemakers, and disruptors; partake in a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives; and become part of today’s most important conversations that will shape the cultural fabric of tomorrow.

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