Join the Fraternal Order Of Eagles

# 3475 in Calgary

We welcome new members.

This raises the question: why should you join the Eagles?

You can make new friends, enjoy a drink, play darts, shuffleboard, play cards, dance, participate in special events, volunteer or simply spend time visiting. Our motto is “People Helping People” and by joining the Eagles, you can be part of a group that donates to charities and has a great impact on the community. Membership in the Eagles Aerie/Auxiliary is open to anyone 18 and over regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or race.

The only requirement is that the prospective member believes in a supreme being and Agrees to the defining principles of Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality. The expectations of an Eagle member are simple: “Live by the principles of the Eagles and what the Eagles stand for: Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality; for Home, For Country and for God.” Volunteer and participate in the fundraisers, social activities and work groups.

Make your thoughts known since every Eagle has the same rights as every other Eagle. Treat your fellow Eagles with respect. Finally, have a lot of fun in the process. If you are interested in joining the Fraternal Order of Eagles, please fill out and submit the form below so that someone can contact you.

This is not an application.